Today we are introducing you to the face and heart behind one of our newest arrivals, The Cape Breton Beach Adventure Book and Travel Guide, a treasure made in Cape Breton about Cape Breton. Everybody say hello to Ailish Sullivan!

Briefly tell us about yourself.

Hi everyone! My name is Ailish Sullivan. I grew up in Cape Breton and am currently a student at Mount Saint Vincent University. I am a huge lover of the outdoors and enjoy exploring new places. I am happy to be back in Cape Breton for the summer as nothing compares to the scenery!

What led you to put this book together?

When me and my siblings were small, we always wanted to journal about our adventures. My parents would create homemade books for us, but we always wished something like this existed.

What inspires you to hit the ground running each morning?

I have a very tight knit family, so knowing I have a strong support system keeps me motivated to get out and try new things.

Which Cape Breton beach is your favourite?

Florence beach is my favourite local beach, and West Mabou beach is great for a day trip!

"Since we love the beaches in Cape Breton so much ourselves, me and my mother thought it would be great to create this book. We hope it inspires other locals to get out and explore what’s in their backyard."

Everyone give Ailish a warm LQ welcome! You can check out the book she made with her mother both in the stop and online.

Written by Abby Billard

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